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Find Roots, Take Flight

Stream of consciousness this morning:

If anything, 2014 has been about setting aside excuses and also ceasing the search for short-cuts.  I have admitted that I do not transform overnight- with any sustenance, at least.  I have begun assimilating to the patient, stride-by-stride reorientation of self-management, incorporating learned principles while allowing a mist of grace to cover the remaining blemishes.  And boy are there are imperfections.  But it’s funny how someone can be standing in one place, and depending on which way he’s facing, find every fault as another shovel of dirt over his head, or every challenge as a fertilizer for his personal growth and story.  Attitude is everything.  Compassion for self is critical to our well-being and progress.

This year my sister checked me for being out of line.  A first.  I’m usually not the troublemaker/-seeker, or out of touch with my values.  And she was very bold for risking the placidness of our relationship by reprimanding me.  But I’m so grateful.  It struck a chord or truth in my gut and reminded me of my roots instantly.  The roundabout victory of this all was that I, the rigid perfectionist, had allowed such flexibility and risk into my life that I needed reining in!  And, I trusted my core group to let me experiment in the wild without reaching the point of no return.  It’s important we watch who and what influences us, and that we set up an infrastructure of unwavering values and truths, so when we grow curious, rebellious, and stubborn, we can return to these timeless building blocks.  In the journey of self-discovery, it gets messy. But don’t get so wrapped up that you think it’s your destiny to stay in the chaos.  You can venture far and wide and still return home in your mind, body, and soul.

And those little whispers… Whew!  Grow sensitive to those whispers.  Seek consciousness, wakefulness… Work with your parasympathetic nervous system, be creative…

Find roots before you take flight.  Find roots and take flight.  Roots, flight.



Alyson Stoner LIVE

My performance at Avalon, Hollywood. HQ footage coming soon!


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xx, A

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