Hey, there!

In honor of my new single “Woman” releasing, I wanted to invite you in for a much closer look at what this song (and exciting musical journey) means to me.
Some of you may be familiar with my past work in Disney’s Camp Rock, the Step Up dance films, Missy Elliott’s music videos and Cheaper by the Dozen, etc. Well, after 15 years in entertainment, I’ve reached the formidable transition to adulthood. We knew it was coming. We knew it’d be daunting. But in this major transition I’ve also undergone an incredible personal rebirth. The past three years I’ve realized that my biggest obstacle to growth and expansion was not the industry or my competition, but myself. I’d been waiting for the world to give me permission and an opportunity; I thought my work would forever carve a path for me while I could remain shy and uninvolved, when really the responsibility (and gift) to participate in my story and dream was solely mine. And you know what? Why spend another day letting someone else take the position you know is meant for you anyway (quite literally)? Since then I’ve embarked on a messy and thrilling journey of personal discovery and artistic development. I’ve embraced my story, looking into vulnerable places and facing fears, but also taking risks and becoming more alive, dynamic and powerful on the other side.

This song “Woman” is not just about one gender versus another- in fact, it’s really not a comparison at all. It is a declaration of an incredible and difficult metamorphosis. It’s my shift from child to adult, from backup to lead, from insecure to powerful and assertive. I am so, so proud of the sweat, energy, and time I’ve invested in my dream. The team who has jumped on board to support me, my amazing fans who’ve been here for the ride this long, my family who keeps me grounded… this is a song for all of us. This is about embodying all I am; and as I walk the walk, I hope it inspires you to do the same. You’ll hear a ton of vitality in the instrumentation and international grooves. There’s a very real human soul behind every rhythm and every lyric. This song will make you move and I can’t wait to see you get down!! Thanks for coming along the journey with me. It’s going to be a fun one. 🙂

Woman is available for pre-order on iTunes, January 26, and out for the world February 19. Let’s do this.

xx, Alyson