Actress, Singer, Dancer, Humanitarian, Entrepreneur

A rebirth can be life’s most significant turning point. It’s a decision to change, morph and transform. It’s one of the bravest, biggest and boldest things you can do—especially when you’ve already established a foundation—because it’s a conscious choice to dive into the unknown.

While fashioning her sound, Alyson Stoner underwent a creative and personal rebirth. For fifteen years the singer, songwriter, dancer and actress entertained audiences across mediums. It would’ve been easy to stay the course. However, she wanted to be heard like never before, and that required facing her biggest obstacle yet, herself.


“After 15 years in entertainment, I reached the
formidable transition to adulthood and realized my biggest obstacle wasn’t the industry or my competition, but myself,” explains the singer/songwriter. “I’d been waiting for the world to give me permission and an opportunity, when really the responsibility to participate in my story and dream was solely mine. It’s been a scary, messy and thrilling journey of personal and artistic development, but this is the life I want to live: vulnerable, honest, bold, and human. This is the woman I am.”

Evolving and transforming from her previous songs “Pretty Girls” and “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted),” her new 2016 debut single announces her arrival as a confident, charismatic and captivating songstress. It also spotlights her voice in all its glory for the very first time. 

You already became acquainted with Alyson through blockbuster franchises such as Step Up and Cheaper By The Dozen or the Emmy Award®-winning television series Phineas & Ferb. Or you’ve seen her dance in classic videos for Missy Elliott and Eminem, or most likely you even caught the triple-threat’s own “Missy Elliott Tribute” viral video on YouTube in 2015 that attracted over 15 million views. Like a newborn butterfly, she spreads her wings with a track that doesn’t just serve as her formal musical introduction but a glimpse at her own journey.

“The song at every level—instrumentation, lyricism and energy—reflects the newfound vitality I’ve discovered by daring to live life fully and deeply,” she says. “I’ve embraced my story, looking into personal and vulnerable places and facing fears, but also taking risks and becoming more alive, dynamic and powerful than ever. It represents me on multiple levels. It’s assertive and displays power and conviction.”

It was while on location in New Jersey that Alyson rapidly penned the high-energy and vibrant “Woman” by herself in just a few miraculous minutes. Following years of songwriting and honing her craft, it was the clearest declaration of her style to date. The track spotlights her expansive vocal range—equal parts soul and pop—with a rhythmic swagger, anthemic lyrics you’ll instantly love, and a sexy world-influenced groove. It’s meant to be played by everyone everywhere, and it’ll get them dancing.

“Woman” heralds her arrival and ignites fresh fire for pop music in the process. It also opens up the floodgates for more music, establishing her singular sound and style.

“When I write music, it needs to make you move,” she goes on. “Soul and essence are everything. I want to create universal songs every human can identify with and move to.”

Simultaneously, she continues to move fans across the spectrum of entertainment. Collaborating with everybody from Max & Kurt Schneider, Sam Tsui, Leroy Sanchez, and Tyler Ward to Casey Abrams [American Idol], she’s carved out a devoted following and accumulated over 70,000,000 YouTube views along the way. Beyond being a consummate entertainer across mediums, she remains active in the iPourLife organization, venturing to third world countries, fighting poverty and instituting sustainability.

With music, Alyson consistently delivers something real—a piece of herself. It starts with “Woman” and her own personal story. She’s inviting everyone along for the ride.

“The more I engage with the world around me, the fuller every moment is. I went through my own realization of finding, owning, and embracing who I am and then having the bravery to put myself out there. I’d love to encourage more people to do that. I’m just beginning with ‘Woman,’ and I can’t wait for the next steps of this journey.”


  • Music – Jonas Group, Music Management
  • Theatrical – Paradigm Agency – Stephanie Ramsey, Agent
  • Voiceover – CESD Agency – Melissa Berger, Agent
  • Dance – McDonald, Selznick Agency – Jenn Proctor, Agent
  • Management – Curtis Talent Management – Susan Curtis, Cami Curtis, Managers
  • Fan Mail: Alyson Stoner c/o 9607 Arby Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

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