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Boyfriend Remix!

Check out our dance version of “Boyfriend” Remix feat. Mdot! Choreography by Kenya Clay (@AyeKenya), Directed by David Lehre (@DavidLehre), and Performed by me (@AlysonOnTour), Mdot (@4mdot), Jasmine Rafael (@JazzRazzMaTazz), Chris Koehl (@D8ChrisK), Analiza Zapien (@AnalizaZapien), and Marqos Maldonado (@MarqosM)! Enjoy, and re-post it to your blogs! Share it with friends! Learn the dance and upload a video of you performing it! xo – Alyson



……….Remember those kids in your kindergarten class who had that supernatural confidence and winning smile?  Their bubbly personality, winsome charm, and surprising maturity captured the hearts of their teachers, peers, and every passerby.  When you played follow the leader, they were the leader.  When you lined up for recess, they were first.  When your teachers handed out year-end awards, they not only got the trophy for “Super Student”, but also various ribbons and badges to add to their collection.

          Extroversion is obviously a wonderful quality, especially in the eyes of our culture. We celebrate outgoing individuals who boldly use their voice to make their mark. But not everyone is as loud and proud as this lovely youngster in the video above.
          *Does that mean the quiet ones aren’t meant for the top spot? Absolutely not.*
          Sometimes the introverts are actually getting more done by sitting back, listening, and observing their surroundings as opposed to jumping in to offer an opinion. Steve Jobs, legendary Apple co-founder, was known for being nearly absent in a classroom. Only after processing and mauling over many thoughts would he form a brilliant statement worth sharing and raised his hand to verbally participate.
          *There is wisdom in choosing to speak few words; when you open your mouth, people will listen.*
          Overall, I think the best thing we can do is play up our natural strengths. If we’re talkers, then chat. If we’re thinkers, then cerebrate. And never (ever, ever, ever) disqualify a person because they do or do not have a certain quality.
          If everyone walked in their own shoes and celebrated the diverse talents and skills, I think we’d find that there’s not only room for all types of personalities, but each is as capable and vital as the other.
          *Happy Saturday!*

Get Ready to Rock!

Camp Rock premieres June 20th on Disney Channel. So for tonight, only for 1.5 hours, forget about saving electricity. Turn on every TV you find and tune into Camp Rock with the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato!

I’ve been having the time of my life meeting new people, doing interviews, and traveling across the country promoting my projects. 

To fill you in, yesterday I recorded an audio Bible as Martha (Mary’s sister)…other stars like Corbin Bleu, Cody Linley, AnnaSophia Robb, and Emily Osment are a part of it, among others. And after leaving set, my mom informed me that I landed a role (maybe two) in an animated film called Kung Fu Magoo! :) I’ll keep you posted on the projects as they progress.

For now, my site has taken off, so check it out! It’s a positive environment for kids and teens to discuss everything going on in their lives! Hope to see you on there!

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