I Pour Life takes a hand-up approach to empowering impoverished women and homeless youth by developing their unique talents and skills.


Alyson is thoroughly invested in her role as Goodwill Ambassador for I Pour Life, a non–?profit dedicated to ending poverty through instituting sustainability. She recently made her second trip to Korah, Ethiopia to manage the 10×10 program, which works with 10 women over 10 months, teaching trades, life skills, health care, finances and child education on to help elevate them and their families out of poverty. Using a hand up–? not hand out–? approach, they restore dignity and dreams through consistent support and ultimately improve the quality of life for entire communities, one individual at a time.



Red Eye is a non-profit organization which provides 24/7 community for Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders. Their goal is to empower, support, and develop talents and dreams. Red Eye offers a safe place to develop supportive and wholesome friendships and connect one cultural extreme with another.

the mission: Creating SOCIAL COHESION for two of the most isolated demographics…

Red Eye provides a 24/7 COMMUNITY for Culture Creators, Influencers and Leaders to EMPOWER their lives, SUPPORT their dreams, and DEVELOP their talents as well as those of the next generation. While reaching out to help humanity and MENTOR those in need, we CONNECT one cultural extreme with another, and CHANGE THE WORLD along the way.

Red Eye
In Los Angeles, Alyson works alongside RedEye Org to serve the needs of fellow Los Angelenos.