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Alyson’s newest photoshoot images including her newest single, “Pretty Girls”, available on iTunes.


Dragon Photoshoot

Images from the video of Alyson’s hit single “Dragon (That’s What You Wanted)”, available on iTunes.


 Beat The System Photoshoot

Alyson recently spent an afternoon shooting photos for her newest EP, Beat The System, with celebrity photographer Keith Munyan.  Keith has worked with friends of Alyson’s like Taylor Lautner and Hilary Duff.


Music Photoshoot

Alyson struck a pose for the release of her first two singles in 2010, Flying Forward and Make History. The shoot included some time in the bright autumn sunshine of Los Angeles.



Take a journey back in time. Check out photos of Alyson with the actors, musicians, athletes, & legends she has had the pleasure to meet and work with.
Alyson…a look back…

Mike’s Super Short Show!


Retro Alyson!

Alyson wallpapers for your computer – Retro styles from 2003-2008!

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Alyson Stoner was born in Toledo, OH on August 11, 1993. Her acting career took off soon after her move to L.A. when she booked commercials for Mattel, Hallmark-Disney and McDonald’s and then two ABC TV pilots in the same year. Her “big screen” career includesthe movies Cheaper by the Dozen, Camp Rock, Step Up & Step Up 3D.
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