Alyson Stoner on Cliche Magazine

February 15, 2016 /  POSTED BY : KIKI  /  UNDER : NEWS

Alyson Stoner graces the Feb/March 2016 cover of Cliche Magazine. Alyson talked with Cliche about her new music, dancing, her Missy Tribute that sparked the nation, and so much more. To read Alyson’s full interview with Cliche, click here.

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There’s strength, vigor, passion, and authenticity in the lyrics and melodies,” she said. “We use universal rhythms and international grooves in the production. It’s spontaneous and powerful, and it moves each listener differently.” – Alyson on her new single, WOMAN.



Alyson’s powerful new single “Woman” is available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes now! Alyson, on Woman:

“This song is a declaration of an incredible, beautiful, bold and vulnerable personal metamorphosis. At every level– instrumentation, lyricism, and energy–the song reflects a newfound vitality I’ve discovered by daring to live life fully and deeply.”

For more behind the story, check Alyson’s personal blog in the Diary page


Woman - Alyson Stoner


Woman - Alyson Stoner

Alyson’s powerful new single “Woman” is available for PRE-ORDER on iTunes now!